Every situation is different, but an experienced family law attorney can help find the elusive solutions to custody conflicts. We handle all child custody matters.

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The Family Courts apply the Pennsylvania Child Support Guidelines to determine the amount of support payable to the custodial parent.  Our Attorneys can assure that fair payments are made.


Spousal Support and Alimony orders are issued to assure a reasonable living allowance for the party requiring support.  Our Family Law Attorneys are here to help you throughout your case.


Grandparents can request physical or legal custody of a child if they already have legal status that allows them to act as the child’s parent (this is called in loco parentis) or under specified other circumstances.


Our Family Law Attorneys are here to help you protect your assets and help you to assure that your property passes onto the family in a quick and efficient matter.

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Protection From Abuse



Divorce is both an emotional separation and a financial division. Separating your marital partnership from the legal partnership is a difficult task with many complicated considerations.  Trust our attorneys to protect your interests.

Lehigh Valley Protection from Abuse (PFA) Attorneys

Domestic Abuse & Domestic Violence Lawyers in Allentown, Bethlehem & Easton

Pennsylvania has some of the most far-reaching and effective domestic violence laws in the country.  While our laws are very effective at curbing Domestic Violence they are also subject gamesmanship and abuse of process.  In short, while Pennsylvania's PFA laws are effective, they can often crush an innocent litigant.  A PFA lawyer is skilled at navigating this system and defending against false PFAs while prosecuting real acts of violence.


Regardless of whether you have been the victim of Domestic Violence or have been falsely accused of abusing a sexual partner or family member, the experienced PFA attorneys and protection from abuse lawyers at Spitale, Vargo, Madsen & Blair can help.  Contact us today at (610)258-3757 for help.

















Types of Protection From Abuse Orders

Ex Parte Temporary Protection From Abuse Orders (PFA)

An "ex parte" order is issued by the Court when a person seeking a PFA appears in Court and seeks relief from abuse.  The Judge will hear only the information provided by the person seeking the PFA and the person whom the PFA is against will have no opportunity to dispute this information.  If the Judge believes there MAY be enough evidence to warrant a PFA he or she will sign a temporary Order prohibiting the alleged abuser from making any contact with the alleged victim.  The sheriffs department will serve the PFA defendant with the PFA Order and may also confiscate any firearm from the defendant.  The sheriffs may also temporarily evict the defendant from his or her residence.  An initial ex parte PFA is temporary in nature and the Court must schedule a full hearing shortly after issuing it.




















Emergency Protection From Abuse Orders (PFA)

In cases where a person needs immeadiate protection and the courts are not open, the person can call 911 and be put in contact with the on-duty Magistrate who has the power to issue a temporary PFA.  These PFAs are only effective until the Court reopens.  These types of PFA are only to be sought at 4:30 p.m. on weekdays or anytime over the weekend.


Final Protection From Abuse Orders (PFA)

After both sides have had a chance to present evidence, the Court will grant or deny a final Protection from Abuse Order.  A final PFA can last up to five (5) years and can have substantial consequences for the defendant.


Experienced PFA (Protection From Abuse) Attorneys

Our Divorce Attorneys at Spitale, Vargo, Madsen & Blair have experience in divorce and family law you can rely upon. Contact us today at 484-548-0529 to arrange a confidential consultation.

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